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Firefall Christian Church is a Family Friendly Church operating out of Helensvale State School.  Services are 9.30 every Sunday morning.  Contacts are Pastors Grant (0416 280 557) and Julie (0414 982 716)

Firefall Gold Coast Pentecostal Church Helensvale Firefall is an Independent, Christ Centred Church that worships in rented premises at Helensvale State School every Sunday morning at 9.30 am. Firefall Gold Coast Christian Church is not one of those polished, professional, performance-based Churches. We are a bunch of amateurs doing our best to spread the Gospel and be a living example of Gods Love In Action. Here you will find Love, Acceptance, Kindness and (like the Disciples) a messed up bunch  putting their Faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make things work. But, despite our shortcomings, we have got round to defining some Core Values …

  • Putting Jesus Christ first
  • Living the scriptures
  • Praying always
  • Sharing life as one
  • Putting faith into action

In short, we try to empower our local community through the understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. If you are looking for a caring Church that welcomes broken people, the lost, or people who have been burnt by the Church before – give us a visit.  We are not perfect either, so you will fit in nicely 🙂  that’s the great thing about God – He loves you just the way you are! We are into –

  • Celebration – Focusing on all good things in life and celebrating just how fortunate we are – no matter how much may be going wrong.  If you can see and hear the Service today – there are thousands who would change places with you right now.  Got a roof over your head and food on the table?  Millions haven’t.  God is Good, don’t listen to the devil!
  • Community – Need a caring, supportive, family.  Try us.  We are not perfect, but we do our best to spread God’s love and live in harmony with one another.
  • Communication – Reading and Sharing the Gospel.  Help us spread the message of God’s Love.
  • Christ-Formation – We will never be perfect but by trying to become more Christ-Like every day we can be better in our relationships with others.  The first part is internal – we try to become more like Christ. The second part is external – we try to be better at radiating God’s Love to others.
  • Contribution – By helping others – regardless of their faith – we get to practice our Faith.  Its not just about Sunday morning; here at Firefall Christian Church it is a 24/7 thing!
  • Care – “Tell someone who cares” is not a cynical response here.  We care.  We all struggle with something; health, finances, relationships, single mother, widowed and alone, the list goes on.  At Firefall Christian Church you really can tell someone who cares.

See ya Sunday – Helensvale State School – 9.30am.  Come up and introduce yourself. Look forward to catching up –

Pastors Grant and Julie.

Pastors Julie and Grant

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Firefall Gold Coast Pentecostal Church