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One of my favourite Christian couples is Don and Wendy Francisco.  While their music is always Gospel Based, some of it is simply Scripture Set To Music.  Here are a couple of great examples.

Here are Don and Wendy together in one of my favourite songs, “He’s Alive.” Great for an Easter Service!

In “Living Waters” Wendy tells the tale of the Samaritan woman at the well, as told in John.4:6-29.

The Youtube Channel for this amazing duo is HERE – Eaglegrace. Enjoy.

The website for Don and Wendy is

Our christian music tastes – in all churches – are quite diverse; we need to cover the traditional classics, the modern classics, and everything in between.  Here are some favorites.

Probably my absolute favourite amongst modern Christian Music classics is “The Power of Your Love.”  This version comes with the lyrics.  When I worshipped at a very small church with just one pianist, playing these Youtube videos as part of our Service was a regular fallback if our pianist was away for some reason.  Enjoy!


This one is so old, it is in black and white!  George Beverly Shea singing the Old Rugged Cross way back in 1957.  George Beverly Shea may not not be a household name these days, but he was an inportant part of the Billy Graham Crusades ways back in 1950’s.

So our Christian Music Heritage spans many different tastes, across several generations – something we need to be aware of and cater for.

In fact, Christian Music even has influence on “soft rock.”  Here is Christian Rock group Third Day with “Cry Out To Jesus.”


A little different to George Beverly Shea for sure, but those two songs illustrate brilliantly why we should not try to fit Christians into boxes; we come in many different shapes, sizes and flavours – And God thinks every one of us is Special!

Now no introduction to Christian Music is complete without a little Gospel.  One of the world’s best, the Soweto Gospel Choir with Oh Happy Day.

Can you keep your feet from tapping?  Me neither!  These guys certainly know how to worship.

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